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Starting to blog again
Dec 10, 2017
3 minutes read

I had a break from blogging for the following reasons:

  • Doing overtime for work
  • Going out for drinks after work
  • Binge watching Netflix
  • Me being lazy

Anyway since my last post on August 5th, I have done a few things during these 4 ish months:

I have a job!

I am now an Associate Consultant at Infinity Works doing all things ‘DevOps’

In the past 4 or so months I’ve learnt so much more then my 3 years at University, I will slowly start blogging about certain things I found interesting once I do more on my homelab. Anyway we are hiring as always, send me an email if you are interested => [email protected]

The London office is a few minutes walk from Bank station and we have a pretty cool view!

Center Parcs

‘Infinity Works’ weekend at Center Parcs was great fun. It was really nice to finally meet the random people I spoke to on Slack and put faces to names and the celebrity look-a-like profile pictures.

Center Parcs - Infinity Works

Had a BBQ with a few people from the London team; burgers, sausages, the lot. Sitting outside the morning after with a coffee in hand, having rabbits approach you felt pretty alien as a Londoner.

Center Parcs - London BBQ

Junkyard golf with work

On the first Wednesday of every month we go out and do something as the London team, this occasion of forced fun was Junkyard golf. Overall it was pretty cool though I do think I am better at normal golf; eg. when there is less drink involved. I can safely say that this is also the case for ten-pin bowling.

Machine Learning at Monzo’s HQ


Last week I went over to Monzo’s HQ for some talks on Machine Learning, the companies giving the talks were:

  • Sky
  • Monzo
  • SherlockML
  • Deliveroo
  • Zopa
  • BBC

My favorite one by far was the talk by Nigel Ng, a data scientist at Monzo. His talk was on

The Inner Workings of Monzo’s Help Search Algorithm

Key Takeaways:

  • Going beyond classification for a more general purpose/flexible model
  • How we handle short term discrepancies (i.e. if there‚Äôs an outage or other anomalies in queries)
  • Our experience switching from Tensorflow to Pytorch
  • Some findings on Pytorch vs Keras

It got me really interested in Machine Learning and it is definitely something I want to get into in the future, especially if it is used with distributed computing.

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