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Using Visual Studio Code with the Windows Subsystem for Linux
Jan 22, 2018
One minute read

Recently I have switched from Atom to Visual Studio Code, I felt Atom getting sluggish and heard good things about Atom so I decided to check it out. I’ve also been doing a fair amount of Golang and when playing around with Code I felt the Go language support was superior. Code is the sweet spot halfway between a basic text editor and a full fledged IDE.


  • You have the Windows Subsystem for Linux installed (If not then click here)

Setting up Code

You need to open the ‘Command Palette’ by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P or press Go -> Command Palette...

Next you will need to type in shell and press enter

Command Palette

You should see the option WSL Bash, select it and press enter

That’s it!

You now have Code configured to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Below you can see that when I ran go build it compiled the Go code as 64-bit Linux.

Overall WSL is not too bad to use, though in my opinion it is not fully there yet.

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