Adam Pietrzycki

Remote: Office Not Required


by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

Ways of working

  • Work asynchronously

  • Use shared calendars (Collegue mentioned this tool that looks interesting - Clockwise)

  • Meetings and managers prevent work getting done

  • Make sure to have a good chair, desk and monitor


  • All devices must have disk encryption, eg. file vault

  • Auto lock enabled

  • No auto login

  • Use https for all systems

  • All mobile devices have passwords/locks

  • All devices can be wiped remotely

  • Unique generated password for each site, eg 1Password

  • Turn on 2FA


  • Pay people more than they are worth

  • Rookie teams make rookie mistakes, great people do great work

  • Never ask someone to work for free, always pay people

  • You can't manage a team if you don't understand the work that they are doing

  • When working remote, you can move around freely and stay in the same job.

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