Adam Pietrzycki



Some of these quotes have been reworded for my own personal understanding.

There were quite a few things that stood out for me in this book, I've separated the learnings into four main sections.


  • Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.

    Unless you actually commit to your idea and build something, that idea is worth nothing. Try and find someone who will buy your idea.

  • Build a product or service you would use.

  • If you compare yourself to competitors you've let them win, they are setting the rules.

  • A hot dog stand without hot dogs, is not a hot dog stand.

    You probably don't need every single feature in the world, build what matters. If your hot dog stand doesn't have any onions or ketchup, people will probably still buy and enjoy the hot dogs. But if you no longer had sausages and buns what would happen?


  • Revenue in, expenses out.

  • Sell your byproduct.

    Data, tools, processes, anything and everything can have the potential of being valuable.


  • Customer service is key.

  • Earn loyalty by teaching.

  • Show what your competitors are not willing to show.

  • Build for customers, not investors; they don't care about your product.

    Eventually your investors will want a return on their money.

Ways of working

  • Meetings: agenda, timer, minimum number of people, finish with a solution and person to execute it.

    Meetings are expensive, stick to an agenda. Why take up thirty minutes when it can be over in twenty?

  • It's better to be a quitter than a hero.

    Essentially sunk cost fallacy

  • Learn from success, not from failures.

    Do what works and repeat it.

  • Plan ahead for guaranteed events, adapt work real-time.

    Who knew COVID-19 would lead to the biggest work from home experiment globally?

  • Commit to making a decision, you can correct a mistake later.

  • Marketing is not a team, everything you do is Marketing.

    Blogs, talks, conferences, meetups, it's all marketing.

  • If everything is top priority, nothing is.